Stoic Strengths

Stoic Specter has over 15 years of game development industry experience in concept development, game system design, and, mission and level design, on AAA commercial and independent projects. Independent projects that secured external funding and developed an understanding of the game development landscape and business.

These are the strengths that Stoic Specter can bring to single-player game projects to help them succeed.

Why Collaborate?

Having worked on large AAA commercial titles and seen the emergence of larger AAA indies, we believe that the best strategy for success is for smaller specialist studios to collaborate together on original IP. Combining strengths and reducing risk.

We appreciate that in order to be a successful indie you need to contribute practical technical skills along with having a passion for games and game development. A few examples of work are on this page, however, feel free to get in contact with Stoic to introduce yourself and to obtain access to our full portfolio and offered skill-set.



Playable Prototypes

Level/Quest Scripting



Concept Development

Game System Design

Level/Quest Design



3D Environment Art

2D/UI Art

Collaborate With Stoic!

We are always happy to hear from potential collaborators, whether it be for our own projects or, collaborating with you on yours.